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  • Financial independence with the P3 SystemPlay Webinar

    Hosts: Tom Smith and Wendy Kirkland

  • Wendy Kirklands “Stress-Free Wealth Building”.Play Webinar
    Join Tom Smith of tradeMONSTER with special guest Wendy Kirkland. Wendy will discuss discuss and demonstrate some of the tradeable patterns: cup & handles, head and shoulder, inverted head and shoulder, flat bases, base on base, 3-week-tight patterns. All attendees will also receive a FREE copy of Wendy’s, Twelve “Must Know” Secrets to Gain the Traders Edge. Register today as space is limited!
  • Chuck Hughes-Lifetime Income SystemPlay Webinar

    In this free educational webinar, Tom Smith of tradeMONSTER will discuss Chuck’s new “Lifetime Income System”. This will be a detailed webinar discussing income strategies using the power of options and stock. Chuck is a seven time trading champion and financial author, and he will give insight to trading strategies with an investor’s mentality that is looking to derive income in his portfolio.

  • Jea Yu-Tactical Swing Trading in a Thunder & Tumbleweeds Enviroment.Play Webinar
    Join Tom Smith and Jea Yu for a FREE investing webinar that is geared towards traders of all levels!
    Jea Yu will be discussing Tactical Swing Trading in a Thunder & Tumbleweeds Environment. Jea Yu actively buys ahead of dynamic breakouts, scales out bulk profits into the momentum/full transparency/liquidity down to the minimal (traditional portfolio allocation sizes) until stopped out or bought back at another breakout trigger.
    Jea will be discussing:
    • New Algorithm Driven Markets
    • Tools of Swing Trading
    • Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis
  • Financial Independence with the P3 SystemPlay Webinar

    Hosts: Wendy Kirkland and Tom Smith

  • “Weekly Options-Super Portfolio” with guest host Chuck Hughes.Play Webinar

    Join Tom Smith from tradeMONSTER and special guest Chuck Hughes, a veteran stocks, options and futures trader and a seven time winner of the International Investing Championship. Chuck will discuss in detail the indicators he uses to select trades accurately along with a preview of his upcoming Weekly Options “Super Portfolio.”

  • Dale Brethauer-Best Way to Trade WeeklysPlay Webinar
    Join Tom Smith of tradeMONSTER with guest host Dale Brethauer of Options Infinity. Dale will discuss stock options education covering “The Very Best Way to Trade Weekly Options”. He will discuss:*Discovery of the best way to trade weeklys
    *Explosion due to Volatility Breakouts
    *Trading scheduled and unscheduled events
    *Setting up a Strangle trade before “Unemployment numbers”.
  • Steve Bigalow-Building Gap Trading Strategies with Candlestick SignalsPlay Webinar
    Gaps have enticed technical analysts since the early days of charting. Understanding the logic behind them determines whether they make profitable trading strategies.Stephen Bigalow shows how candlestick signals help isolate gaps that present the best money-making opportunities and forewarn which gaps should be avoided.• Learn the simple logic incorporated into a gap
    • Spot the Gap Patterns ready to make Big price moves
    • How to Visually spot when it is time to take profitsCandlestick signals and gaps not only reveal high probability trend reversals, they pinpoint which price trends are going to produce high profit trades. The common sense interpretations allow an investor to make more accurate gap analysis.