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  • Rob Roy from Option Axiom-”The Ultimate Low Risk/High Reward Strategy”Register Free

    Special guest Rob Roy joins Tom Smith of tradeMONSTER to discuss directional butterfly strategy trading.

    When most traders think of butterflies, they think of them as a non-directional strategy that takes advantage of a stock in a trading range. What traders are missing, however, is the explosive profit potential of what makes the butterfly the ultimate low risk, high potential reward strategy: trading them directionally.

    Rob Roy explains what butterflies are, a unique method of trading them directionally, how to identify good candidates, and how to implement a practical application to execute the method.

    As a FREE GIVEAWAY, attendees will receive a FREE video on directional butterfly strategy trading exclusively created by Rob Roy. Register today as space is limited!

Archived Webinars

  • Kerry (Dr. Duke) Given Discusses “Iron Condors”Play Webinar
    Join host Tom Smith of tradeMONSTER with special guest Kerry (Dr. Duke) Given, as they discuss the different trading aspects of IRON CONDORS. Kerry will go over philosophies and strategies he implements to trade high probabilty Delta Nuetral strategies.
  • Underground Swing TradesPlay Webinar

    Hosts: Tom Smith and Jea Yu

  • Wendy Kirkland- Wealth Building with Weekly OptionsPlay Webinar

    Join Tom Smith of tradeMONSTER with guest host Wendy Kirkland. They will discuss her new book “Wealth Building with Weekly Options”. Topics will include specific advantages and benefit of trading weekly options.Wendy will provide analysis and give actual trade examples.

  • Wendy Kirkland-”The 7 Key Benefits of Wealth Building with Weekly Options”Play Webinar
    Join Tom Smith of tradeMONSTER with special guest financial author and professional trader Wendy Kirkland. Wendy will discuss “The 7 Key Benefits of Wealth Building with Weekly Options”.
    • Conservative Weekly Strategy-a few trades each week, using highly leveraged weekly options
    • Simple Trade System-Strategy based on tried and true, easy to use charting principles
    • Profit target, exit and stops are known at time of trade entry
    • Once a week newsletter provides additional support and candidate suggestions
    • Special select group of high-paying trade candidates (the thousands of stock possibilities are whittled down to a manageable number)
    • A solid strategy for money and risk management
    • A method of knowing which options to choose and when to buy them for consistent money gains
  • Chris Verhaegh discusses his “PUL’L” systemPlay Webinar
    Special Guest Chris Verhaegh will be discussing his “PUL’L” system. Learn how to profit from a free & simple to use, but often misunderstood tool, of which stocks have the highest likelihood of having options that will double in price within the week.
  • P3-T3 Trading SystemPlay Webinar

    Hosts: Tom Smith and Wendy Kirkland

  • Non-Directional Trading Techniques with Kerry “Dr. Duke” GivenPlay Webinar

    Virtually all trading involves predicting a price to be achieved in a particular time period, but options trading presents us with a unique alternative: non-directional trading. Dr. Duke will discuss how he uses non-directional trading techniques to achieve returns that consistently beat the market averages. Register today for this FREE educational webinar.

  • Chuck Hughes-High Accuracy Options TradingPlay Webinar
    Join this FREE stock option educational webinar with host Tom Smith of tradeMONSTER and his special guest, trading champion and financial author Chuck Hughes. Chuck will present the “High Accuracy Options Trading” program. This program defines parameters of finding options with the best profit potential using a High Accuracy strategy. Chuck will show an analysis of:
    *Selection of the equity
    *Developing the strategy
    *Implementing the Options Trade